Every company has a defining principle at its core, something that shapes them from the ground up. Here at Katatonic, we’ve learned over the years that our innovative craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we have done and everything we will do. It’s not just about being good at something, it’s about fully understanding every aspect of it and using that knowledge to take it to the next level.


Having the means to craft every aspect of our products from beginning to end allows us to achieve the level of purity that you all so richly deserve. Every decision we make is ultimately about creating a high-quality concentrate just for you. From the products we grow in our own soil, to the cutting-edge technology we use for extraction, we have distilled everything that we are into high quality products that everyone can enjoy.


When we say high quality, we mean products that contain up to ninety-nine percent pure cannabinoids. Alternatives in the cannabis market that can match both the quality and potency of distillates simply don’t exist, which is why we have made sure to perfect ours for each and every one of you. At Katatonic, we believe distillation processes that preserve the highest quantity of activated cannabinoids are the future of the cannabis industry. With the ability to separate the pure cannabinoid compounds from all of the unwanted residual solvents, you are left with a highly dynamic product that is completely clean and remarkably euphoric.

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